Comments from Our Capital Campaign Donors

Below, you will find some of the heartfelt notes we’ve received from those who donated to our Capital Campaign, that attest to the value of our Temple community and to an enduring feeling of connection. For more information on our Capital Campaign or to make a donation, please click here.

Note: The video with Temple founders referred to in a couple of comments may be found here:

  • My wife and I share fond memories of our many hours with Temple Sholom friends. We recall the guidance and support of several of the Temple’s founders featured in the wonderful video interview. From my first day on campus, Mark and Gladys Lawrence, Mike’s parents, blessed me with their love and friendship. While many happy and healthy years have flown by since we helped the BBYO [B’nai Brith Youth Organization] youngsters learn and grow, we can still picture their teenage faces and hear their voices. (Knox graduate ’60)
  • I’m glad to hear about the capital campaign for Temple Sholom and Brookside.  It certainly doesn’t seem like 65 years, although the video helped remind me of the details and how blessed we were with our remarkable founders and community leaders.  Current leaders are doing so much to build on that legacy. We will contribute to the campaign and hope that you reach and exceed your goal. (Descendant of one of the founding families)
  • We have fond memories of the camaraderie and spirit of the people. The synagogue is indeed an important part of the diverse community that makes up Galesburg. (Former member)
  • Temple Sholom will always be my Jewish home. (Former member)
  • We talk about our “Galesburg Roots” often with longing. Temple Sholom is most important and I hope the Campaign is successful. (Former member)
  • I just received your letter concerning supporting Temple Sholom and Brookside Cemetery and the co-incidence is amazing. I just mentioned Temple Sholom in my Yom Kippur sermon of not many days ago. I had four student pulpits, but Galesburg was always my favorite. When I saw Fred Schubach on the video, I so remember him and Freidl and Harvey and Ray, the Bondi family, and so many others. Please give my fondest regards to Galesburg. It has a special place in my life and my heart. (Rabbinical student in the early 1960s)
  • Temple Sholom will always hold a special place in my memory. It remains a place of community and care that felt a bit like home when I was far from it. (Knox graduate ’10)
  • What an impressive list of rabbinic students and rabbis who have had the privilege to be part of the Temple Sholom community! It was very meaningful to see the list and feel part of the generations who have been part of the learning legacy that Galesburg provided so many students. [Letters to former rabbis/rabbinical students included a list of all who have served the congregation since 1949.]  With deep gratitude, respect, and appreciation for the amazing community, enduring relationships, and loving commitments to the generations of rabbinic students who were blessed to learn and grow as individuals and rabbis with Temple Sholom. I carry you with me always. (Rabbinical student in the 1990s)