Our Values

Temple Sholom Statement of Values and Priorities
(approved by Board March 7, 2018)

Core Values

Temple Sholom is a strong, self-reliant Jewish congregation in Galesburg, Illinois, welcoming all who identify as Jewish and their families in an inclusive and accepting community. We are proud of our centuries-old Jewish presence in Galesburg and dedicated to continuing a positive, engaged Jewish presence in the larger community.  We are affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism and committed to the intellectual openness, dedication to social justice, and respect for individual difference central to the Reform tradition.  We are committed to maintaining regular worship services, active Jewish learning and passing on Jewish identity and values to our children.

Congregational Goals

The congregation’s goals going forward are:

  • Strengthen the sense of community of the congregation through attention and support for the varied spiritual needs of our members and through regular social activities bringing the congregation together in celebration of Jewish events and values.
  • Expand our presence in the community as an ethical force working for positive social change.
  • Reach out in the region to welcome unaffiliated Jews and persons interested in Judaism to grow our congregation.
  • As an institution, become more deliberate and proactive in key areas, such as relations with our part-time rabbi, and reviewing and planning to meet physical plant needs.
  • Dedicate attention and resources to keeping our Jewish education program strong.
  • Help each other to live out our Jewish values in practice.

The Essence of Temple Sholom

The most important elements of Temple Sholom to preserve going forward are:

  • The welcoming, accepting, and supportive spirit of the community.
  • Our commitment to fostering the next generation’s sense of a positive Jewish identity.
  • Our commitment to regular weekly communal worship.
  • Our strong sense of unity while being genuinely accepting of differences of understanding and practice.